Reminder to all of you who voted in this year's Hugos: When the time comes, you can nominate for next... (More...)

I have many thoughts about the outcome of the Hugos (I'm overall very happy with the results, even though my... (More...)

My mother would've been 71 years old today. I've apparently been confused in past birthday entries about what year she... (More...)

A couple months ago, someone on a mailing list asked for a summary of this year's Hugo controversy. (There are... (More...)

Here's the other Hugo-voting-subtleties post that I decided not to post because it didn't seem likely to be relevant. It,... (More...)

I wrote a blog post a few months ago about how to use No Award effectively and what else to... (More...)

Didn't sleep well or enough last night, mostly due to my pointlessly fretting about Mary Anne's ongoing cough (and about... (More...)

Mary Anne and I both arrived at Heathrow yesterday (Wednesday) morning around 7 a.m. She'd had a row to herself... (More...)

A few quick preliminary ‪‎LonCon3‬ notes: The line for registration is huge. It may be the longest I've ever seen.... (More...)

I'll be arriving in London on Wednesday morning; Mary Anne and I will spend the day hanging out and battling... (More...)

I've been playing Google's augmented-reality game Ingress intermittently for a few months now. Yesterday, I reached level 7 and (coincidentally)... (More...)

I've been making small database-backed web apps for years now, after learning how by reading the PHP code generated by... (More...)

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