Two quick notes: Reminder about how to make your vote most effective: to express a preference, you have to put... (More...)

In this year's Hugo voter packet, five pro artists provided samples of their work. Unfortunately, one of the six nominated... (More...)

As I've noted before, I rarely read novels in time to nominate them for the Hugo or Nebula awards. But... (More...)

The deadline for Hugo voting is the day after tomorrow, so I'd better finally post a couple of the things... (More...)

I have an unfortunate pattern of making myself late to things. One part of how I do that is that... (More...)

A few notes more or less pertaining to Sara: On Thursday, driving home from the memorial service for Sara, I... (More...)

When Sara went out on leave a couple of months ago, I went to see a counselor. (In fact, she's... (More...)

I'm very sorry to say that my closest colleague at work, Sara G, has died. I'm not mentioning her full... (More...)

I've been trying out some boardgames that require a fair bit of card shuffling; in particular, RoboRally requires shuffling the... (More...)

A month or two ago, I noticed that one of the wheels on my suitcase was broken. The outer layer... (More...)

A couple months ago, I recommended buying a supporting WorldCon membership as a relatively inexpensive way to (a) participate in... (More...)

I was on three gender panels at WisCon this year. I learned several things from them (and from other WisCon... (More...)

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