I recently encountered two videos that contained background music that I liked, and learned that both pieces of music were... (More...)

It's been almost exactly twelve years since I posted a blog entry titled “Queer sf,” in which I noted that,... (More...)

On the Toy Story 3 extras disc, there's a segment called “Beginnings: Setting a Story in Motion,” in which the... (More...)

The first draft of my novel was 36k words long (and thus not technically a novel at all). It took... (More...)

Until yesterday, I always believed that the stories of immigrants' names being changed against their will by officials at Ellis... (More...)

As noted in my previous entry, I now have digitized versions of a large number of old family photos, including... (More...)

I don't know why I haven't been posting here lately. Been busy, and sick, and tired. But have been posting... (More...)

Winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is due to occur about seven hours from now. I'll be on a plane... (More...)

In the wake of the US Senate report on the CIA's use of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” plenty of prominent people... (More...)

Yesterday evening, after leaving Kam's place in Oakland and putting a bunch of stuff into my car in the dark,... (More...)

I've now encountered this interesting and unusual PoV in multiple works of fiction: The narration is in first-person plural. It... (More...)

I bought an iPhone 6+, mainly because it's almost exactly the size that I've been wanting for an ebook reader... (More...)

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