I'm giving away about 170 back issues of Analog. Let me know if you're interested. Details follow. My father had... (More...)

I've been a fan of the Hugo Awards all my life. I recognize that the awards have problems. For example,... (More...)

Note to people applying for jobs: It's probably not a good idea to say, in your cover letter or resume,... (More...)

(I thought about titling this “Puppies: Now and Forever,” which probably would've gotten more clicks, but it wasn't a very... (More...)

Yesterday morning, I attended the second WSFS Business Meeting of the convention. Assorted instances of parliamentary procedure (someone made bingo... (More...)

If you're at Worldcon and you care about the Hugos, please come to the WSFS Business Meetings; the first one... (More...)

Strange Horizons launched at Worldcon 2000, fifteen years ago. I briefly considered trying to organize an SH party at this... (More...)

One of my father's favorite pastimes was playing go. I posted a while back about how he tried to teach... (More...)

Today would've been my mother's 72nd birthday. Hard to imagine her at 72. As usual, here's a link to some... (More...)

I happened across an article about the aftermath of the marriage equality ruling at WND (formerly known as WorldNet Daily),... (More...)

Was helping transport KB and T from one place to another, so I carried three-year-old T down some steps. Safely... (More...)

There's this Flash game that I play called Dice Wars. It's sort of like a stylized and abstracted version of... (More...)

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