I gather that there's a backlash against trigger warnings going on. Rather than continue to have this argument every time... (More...)

Had an odd and kind of off-kilter day yesterday. Did some day-job work in the morning, then a playtesting round... (More...)

More old letters! This time they're from my father to my uncle, apparently from the early 1970s. (They're all undated,... (More...)

Want to write a dystopia, but you're tired of dystopias that abrogate the same old rights that dystopias always abrogate?... (More...)

What I ought to do today: House cleaning, prep for upcoming travel, some overdue day-job stuff, respond to emails, run... (More...)

For a long time, we've been reading stories and books about how things mediated through technology are bad and being... (More...)

In 2009, composer/lyricist/performer Lin-Manuel Miranda performed an amazing hip-hop piece about Alexander Hamilton (5-min video, with mostly-accurate captions) at the... (More...)

A week ago was May 1. I meant to write something here about Kam that day, and then every day... (More...)

Jim Hines posted yesterday about the Best Editor categories of the Hugo ballot. A friend asked who might've been on... (More...)

The problem with doing one little minor computer task late at night (like, say, "sync my new books to my... (More...)

This weekend went surprisingly well in various ways: I completed something like a dozen to-do items that I had been... (More...)

In the late 1980s, I was delighted to discover N. Leigh Dunlap's comic strip Morgan Calabresé. It was mostly about... (More...)

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