Saw the new Captain America movie with Kam a few days ago. Short version of my reaction: I loved it.... (More...)

Started wondering yesterday about songs with unreliable narrators. I feel like there are a bunch of them; any suggestions? The... (More...)

Looks like I'll be on two panels at WisCon this year. Both of them are about aspects of gender that... (More...)

About a year and a half ago, I started flossing regularly. I had been told to floss since I was... (More...)

For the month of March, I promised myself that I would write fiction every day. And I did. This is... (More...)

LaShawn posted this, and I liked it so much I wanted to keep a copy of it, so I'm quoting... (More...)

I was going through some old email, and found some notes to myself about how to write a mystery, derived... (More...)

I'm sad to see that Television Without Pity is shutting down on April 4. Looks like they'll be taking their... (More...)

Happy birthday to Jessica E, David H, Theo P, and Wendy B! I commend you all on an excellent choice... (More...)

I've been seeing a lot of enthusiasm out there for the new Ms. Marvel comic-book series, starring a 16-year-old Muslim... (More...)

I was going to try to do my usual birthday-week thing this week, spreading out fun stuff over the course... (More...)

Yesterday, stayed home sick from work. Ended up taking 4-hour nap in afternoon, which was great but I worried it... (More...)

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