I still haven't finished writing any of the real blog posts I want to write about the Hugo situation. For... (More...)

I keep seeing the phrase “young girl” used in all sorts of contexts. It almost always bugs me, because it... (More...)

Pro: Am in Hawaiʻi. Con: My suitcase didn't arrive on my flight, and the airline person wasn't even a little... (More...)

The vernal equinox was four hours ago here in the northern hemisphere. In honor of that, here's my traditional... (More...)

The other day, I saw yet another article that conveyed the very common narrative that difficulties and hardships make us... (More...)

The Intercept recently published a long but interesting article about (among other things) CIA-connected researchers' attempts to subvert Xcode, the... (More...)

Short version: All CDs of ZBS audio productions are now available at half price! If you like Welcome to Night... (More...)

Spent the weekend at FOGcon, as planned. It went fairly well. Friday afternoon, I took a half-day off and headed... (More...)

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my father's death. I'm doing surprisingly okay this morning; if anything, a little less... (More...)

A couple weeks ago, I sat down to write a blog entry about how I was doing with regard to... (More...)

Although this entry was partly sparked by the recent deaths of several friends' parents, it's going to be focused specifically... (More...)

The past few months have been difficult times for a lot of my friends. I feel like all through the... (More...)

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