An update on how my leave has been going: It's been a weird week. I've been mostly getting plenty of... (More...)

I've seen several potentially misleading graphs in articles lately, so here's a reminder of a couple of common y-axis issues:... (More...)

A while back, Google created a system for viewing VR/360° videos called “Google Spotlight Stories.” You can view the short... (More...)

Dreamed I was watching an amazing sunset, with impressionistic splotches of fiery purple and sullen bruise-like maroon and bright crimson... (More...)

So I've been halfheartedly reading/skimming all this old science fiction, and I started in on Raymond J. Healy's 1951 anthology... (More...)

My company doesn't have sabbaticals per se any more, but they do allow people to take extended unpaid leave, with... (More...)

Last month, I posted about the Olsons—my grandmother's mother and aunts and uncles, at least twelve of them in all.... (More...)

I woke up and wondered why it had never occurred to me before that my bedroom has a largish hole... (More...)

I'm reading Terry Carr's Best Science Fiction of the Year from 1972, and most of the stories in it, although... (More...)

I don't think I've had a dream about editing before. Kind of funny that I should have one while I'm... (More...)

A new entry in my almost-weekly-again Strange Horizons retrospective: “The Red Bride,” by Samantha Henderson A bedtime story told to... (More...)

Yay PG&E customer service! Got home tonight, in a pretty good mood for the first time in a while, and... (More...)

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