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Long weekend

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Not a three-day weekend, just a long one. Barely got online at all on Saturday—woke up late, ran off to see a late-morning showing of Amélie, which turned out to be lovely and charming and funny. Has flaws, but what doesn't? It caused me to wonder why I think I don't like French films; between this and City of Lost Children (by the same director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet (and there's a great picture of him on that page)), Diva, La Femme Nikita, Ma Vie en Rose, King of Hearts, and doubtless others that aren't coming to mind right now, I can hardly think of a French film I've seen that I didn't like. Well, okay, aside from Belle de Jour, which I loathed, and which is probably where I get my idea of what French cinema is like.

Boy do I ever digress. After the movie, hung out with various folks, had a late lunch, read comics. Then over to the East Bay for a lovely dinner with Susan and Karen and Pär and The Mighty Tot. Home very late, then couldn't sleep for most of the night. Drifted off on and off through the morning, eventually got up, spent the day in front of the computer, dealing with vast quantities of email and talking about Hugo stuff (especially the stuff described on Mary Anne's Hugos and SH page, which I think sums things up pretty well). At some point I still hope to put together a list of my non-SH recommendations (I'm a little uncomfortable publicly specifying which SH stories I'll be nominating, for various reasons).

And now the weekend's over and I've done very little of what I set out to do. Sigh. Guess I'd better go edit.

Oh, but I forgot to mention here that I'm feeling much better than I was on Friday; the dizziness was pretty much gone by early Friday evening. Though I did develop a severe headache late this afternoon. Perhaps I oughtn't to sit in front of the computer all day.

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