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It's been over two years. . .

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. . . since Bill Gates was assassinated (December 2, 1999), and Jack Perdue (curator of the best Gates memorial site on the Web) is angry, because apparently nobody cares. Citizens for Truth, who were outspoken against the findings of the Garcetti Report, has fallen silent. Was the assassination in fact "the first shot in the class war" (as the Warren/MacAdams biography of alleged assassin Alek Hidell (available from Amazon!) would have it), or was something more sinister going on?

Perdue's memorial site is very nicely put together, providing a nice intro in Flash (which you can bypass if you want), a discussion forum (where some people persist in saying that the whole thing is some kind of giant hoax and Gates is still alive), and film clips from the independent documentary Nothing So Strange (as in, there's nothing so strange as the truth). (Filmmaker Brian Flemming also provides a production diary, including some thoughtful notes on documentary ethics and racism.)

In some alternate world, a world where Bill Gates survived to the present day, this would be an impressive work of multimedia hypertext science fiction (of the alternate-history variety); in such a world it would be eligible for a Best Web Site Hugo award, though it would suffer from the same multiplicity-of-sites problem as the Cloudmakers game. But in the real world, it's simply a nice set of sites shedding some light on a historical event, run by someone who's perhaps a bit obsessed by said event.

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