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The nice thing about touch-typing . . .

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. . . is that you can type with your eyes closed, which means that when you start to drift off while typing, you can keep typing and come up with all sorts of interesting results. Especially if you're too sleepy to re-read what you just wrote and make any sense out of it.

(As Albert the Alligator once said: ". . . how many talents you 'spect is wrop up in one boy? I only good at writin' an' never gives a hoot for readin' what I writes.")

But I can't complain; it's my own fault. Have done plenty of things that weren't work in the past couple weeks, even knowing that I desperately needed to work.

I'd try and describe some of those things, but given my current state of consciousness, I'm pretty sure it would come aut garbled and dream-like through the train of the whistle uncosnouseness. To the end of.

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