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New toy

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My new titanium PowerBook G4 arrived this morning!

Spent much of the day copying files over from old PowerBook, setting things up, cleaning out some old cruft.

Fast, sleek, higher-resolution than old system, enough disk space to last me a while. Very pleased.

Not as much of a jump as I'd originally hoped, because I stopped using my previous PowerBook G3 a few months ago in favor of one belonging to work, so the new machine is just an incremental step up from the one I've been using, even though it's a huge step up from the last one I owned. But I'm much more comfortable owning my own computer than using one that belongs to my company; the computer industry never engenders a strong sense of job security (even though I have no reason to think that my current job will go anywhere), and anyway I like to be able to keep as much personal stuff as I want on the computer without worrying about whether my company would approve.

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