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Boys. Booze. Bathrooms.

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My high-school (and college) friend Jed Bell and his partner Wickie Stamps have made a short (15-minute) film called Foucault WHO?, which will be premiering as part of the "Boys by the Bay" program of the 26th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

The tag line on their postcard-sized flyers is "Boys. Booze. Bathrooms." The teaser on the Web page says:

It’s Foucault Night at the local leatherbar, and evil doings are afoot in the underworld. Which man will get his boy? The scholarly bartender, the well-read ex-con, or the charming drunk? FIND OUT on June 27!

I saw a rough cut of the film on video, and am looking forward to seeing the final version in three weeks. Herbt Theatre, Thursday 6/27, 9 p.m. For tickets, see Frameline. I'm told it'll be a good idea to get tix in advance.

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