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More birthdays

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It's another week of birthdays: Laura, Tamara, Jenn, Ed. . . . I figure eventually each day of the year will feature a friend's birthday, and then I can just post a "happy birthday" page and leave it up year 'round.

Nobody I know was born tomorrow (that didn't come out right, but you know what I mean), but it'll be Mary Shelley's birthday (she would've been 205, had she lived) (loose paraphrase of Victor Borge: "Yesterday, we celebrated my uncle's 103rd birthday. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. How could he be? He died at 29!"). Shelley's birthday seems apropos for WorldCon; it was clever of her parents to arrange things that way.

I can't decide whether to recommend that we all say how terrible WorldCon is, so Jenn won't feel bad on her birthday, or whether to recommend that we all say how great it is, to help give her incentive to write so she can come next year.

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