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Downs and ups

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On the down side, still not feeling well.

On the up side, we're doing a promotion in the Strange Horizons bookstore of Neil Gaiman's works, and Neil linked to us in his blog (as he's done a couple of times before), and we're getting some nice traffic from it. Which caused me to follow the backlink (does anyone else use that term, or did I make it up?) to Neil's blog, and I wondered what he had to say about WorldCon, so I poked around in his blog. Which resulted in two entertaining bits:

First, a not-terribly-interesting article in SF Weekly (where SF here stands for "San Francisco" rather than "Science Fiction") about WorldCon, which ends by mentioning that "This year's Hugo Award-winning novel is American Gods by Neil Diamond."

And second, a lovely site called lying motherfucker which purports to contain the blogs of various famous authors: Milne, Hemingway, Gorey, Seuss, et alia. The Neil Gaiman one is laugh-out-loud funny; I haven't read the rest yet. I'm very tempted to try to join the blog. Ah, if only one had time, time yet for a hundred visions and revisions and never mind.

Added moments later: I looked at the Dr. Seuss one, and alas, I cannot recommend it. So many Dr. Seuss parodies and pastiches are bad; I was going to say "I wonder why that is," but I know why it is. It's because most people wouldn't recognize scansion if it bit them on the—oh, never mind. No sense in getting grumpy about it. Anyway, most people aren't very good at rhyme either, and almost nobody is good at finding that exact balance between whimsy and seriousness that Seuss did so well.

End micro-rant. Me for breakfast, I think.

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