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Growing up

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I bought John McCutcheon's new album, The Greatest Story Never Told; it's now mixed in with my MP3s, in random order. A song from it just came on: "When I Grow Up," about the fact that now that he's "pushin' 50 . . . I finally understand / It's time to wonder what I'm gonna be / When I grow up." Those who know what a sucker I am for charming won't be surprised to know that I was charmed by this. The lyrics work better with the music, but they're not bad on their own; follow the link to see 'em. Favorite line:

And I wanna be wise;
It’s a whole lot better than being smart. . . .

In other news, my sniffles seem to have stopped! Of course, they've stopped several times earlier today, only to start again as soon as I get up from my desk and walk around.

Ooh, now it's Loreena McKennitt on iTunes, and I never caught these particular lyrics (from "Stolen Child") before:

We seek for slumbering trout,
And, whispering in their ears,
Give them unquiet dreams. . . .

They're not illiterate, those fish. They know a thing or two.

(He said, obliquely. George Hitchcock. Good stuff.)

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