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This and that

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I use that title a lot, usually as the subject line of an email.

Some miscellany:

  • Friday I did end up reading a lot of subs. I also did something else, but I'm not quite sure what.
  • Jon Carroll's column from Friday is a nice little musing on agnosticism. I particularly like the slogan "WWID" (What Would I Do?), and the ending of the column. I think he's being perhaps a bit glib about the real issues facing those who don't believe in God in modern America, and I don't know that I agree that prayer is a good thing regardless of whether you believe in God, but I like the column nonetheless.
  • Weekend hasn't gone at all as planned—which is fine; probably good for me to be a little spontaneous now and then.
    • Yesterday instead of reading submissions all day as planned, I accompanied Arthur to the Dickens Fair, which is to Victorian England roughly as a Renaissance Faire is to Elizabethan England. Some good shops, assorted interesting entertainments. Ran into a couple of high school friends I haven't seen in a while. Watched someone ride a penny-farthing bicycle. Attended a couple of not-very-good theatrical entertainments (including the extremely disappointing birds-of-prey demo, which consisted of 20 minutes of bad and poorly performed attempts at comedy followed by a couple of brief flights of a falcon), and one good theatrical entertainment: the compressed version of Pirates of Penzance that Pam was in. They did a good job of paring it down to an hour, and the singing and acting were decent, and the Pirate King was not only splendid but mighty cute.
    • After the Fair, I read some subs, and then went with Kam to see Die Another Day, which was entertainingly over-the-top as expected and desired. Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry, yum. Interestingly dark opening for a Bond film (and, warning, there are scenes in the opening sequence that may be kind of squeam-inducing for some people), lots of spectacular stunts and special effects, lots of opportunity to laugh with delight at the sheer over-the-topness of it all. Also a huge number of double entendres, most of them so unabashed as to be entertaining rather than annoying (though some were just dumb).
    • This morning, after a slow start, I had a leisurely lunch with the high school friend I mentioned in a previous entry, and her husband, across the street from our high school. After lunch, we wandered around the grounds for a while and reminisced; I hope it wasn't too boring for D., who didn't have any of our reference points.
    • This evening there's a potluck welcome-back dinner for Kam. I'm hoping I can get enough submission reading done before then to not feel totally unjustified in going to that.
  • Submission reading should be less urgent for a bit, since SH is now (as of this morning) closed to fiction subs for a month.
  • Nonetheless, I should stop procrastinating and go read.

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