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The aforementioned secret blog has gone public. A friend of mine who goes by the nom du net of Vardibidian now has a blog named "Tohu Bohu." (Follow the link on the author's name on that page to find out what the title means.) There are about 15 entries so far, over the past couple weeks; a fair bit about politics, a few entries about other stuff. V.'s views about the war do not entirely agree with mine, but I think they make interesting reading.

(It's probably inevitable under the circumstances that some will assume "Vardibidian" is a pseudonym for me, especially since V. liked my journal format enough to want an almost exact duplicate. I hereby deny that V. is me, but of course if it were true, I would probably deny it anyway. Perhaps the uncertainty/mystery will increase readership.)

Stuff about the war to follow in a separate entry.

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