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Laugh 'til it hurts

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Latest installment of Get Your War On is up. Even when it's not funny, I think this strip manages to get at some hard truths.

Meanwhile, Jamie Zawinski (who I probably have half a dozen friend-of-a-friend connections to but have never met) has posted a dialogue entitled "A Warmonger Explains War to a Peacenik" (attributed to Bill Davidson, but of unknown provenance); heavy-handed, and I'm sure that a similar piece could be written to make the opposite points, but it does neatly encapsulate a lot of the issues. An even more abbreviated version can be found in a This Modern World strip from November 2002. On the other side, one of jwz's commentors points to the full text of Tony Blair's speech the other day, which neatly sums up a fairly coherent pro-war point of view, with plenty of historical evidence to back up the belief that Saddam Hussein would never cooperate with investigators.

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