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Tombs raided, owls assembled


I get distracted easily some days.

Today, instead of doing the sub-reading and editing and tax-preparation I was supposed to do, I've poked around on the web. Where I found a trailer for Tomb Raider 2, which reminded me how pleased I am that we're getting movies with female action heroes (I suppose I could say "female action heroines," but that would be redundant), which made me search my journal to see if I'd said that before, which roundaboutly and indirectly reminded me that one of the several authors we forgot to link to in our editorial on web-journals was Jean Seok, which led me to perusing her recent journal entries and discovering that she's been creating charming screen savers (such as the owl factory) and ASCII animals. (I'm pretty sure that one on the far right is a heffalump, but I bet Jean's going to say it's a pentapod.)

Also, her journal is entertaining, and I suspect not enough of you folks read it.

Unrelatedly, I encountered a new Pat Metheny album.


Of course we all read jean's blog. She's an owwer, and she's on our blog page. (Has a cute picture, too)

Oh, cool! I think I tend to underestimate the influence of the OWW in building community among writers; a whole bunch of you folks met through that, didn't you?

Yup, we did. In fact, the reason many of us are on the Rumor Mill is because we followed OWWers over there. We have our own crazy little community :)

the link next to my name up top is the link to the oww blog page, btw. It's just a small sampling of the bunch of us that hang out regularly (on AIM or elsewhere)

Hey, Tempest, I read Jean's blog, too!
Thanks for the mention, Jed. I was a bit disappointed, though, because I saw my name first, then read through half of the entry thinking you were going to call me a female action hero.
FYI, the ASCII animal in question is a Ribbetia Ribbetus, better known as a frog-without-a-bottom. I think you just call everything a heffalump.

Re OWW blogs page: Dude! Scantily clad writer pictures!

Jean: Sorry, I would've called you a female action hero but I haven't seen any of your movies yet.

As for the possible heffalump sighting, I was referring to the creature on my right (but if you're behind the screen, maybe that's your left?), the one with four feet and a schnoz and round ears. It looks rather like Eleanor in her default sitting position (as shown in the last photo in one of my old entries).

(But it would certainly be easier if I just called everything a heffalump, wouldn't it?)

I'm sorry, Jed, I thought everyone sat behind their screens. Maybe that's why I'm not a female action hero.

If the creature wasn't a heffalump before, it certainly is now.

Re OWW blogs page: Dude! Scantily clad writer pictures!

Well, yeah. When I'm in charge of who gets what picture, you know scantilyness will be involved.

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