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I was going to mention earlier that it had been a full 36 hours since we'd had any submissions, but then a new one came in, so never mind. Instead, some miscellaneous items:

  • In Plattsburgh, NY, a local Palestinian man has participated in a Passover ceremony by which the local Jewish community sells all their leavened bread to non-Jews, at least for the duration of Passover.
  • Received an odd spam tonight which exhorted me to "Call out Gouranga be happy." It had no URL or request for money, so I had no idea what it was on about. Luckily, the web knows all; a quick Google revealed what Gouranga means.
  • If you're interested in computer games and in restaurants, why not give the restaurant-management game Trevor Chan's Restaurant Empire a try?
  • Sony has withdrawn its application to trademark the phrase "shock and awe." The article notes: "Sony said the application was based on 'inappropriate judgment.'"
  • Arab News has a good article providing an overview of the Syria situation.
  • Reusing water bottles may be hazardous to your health.
  • From Japan, here are a bunch of pictures of cats wearing headgear.
  • Not from Japan, there's a company that makes "panties"/diapers for dogs, "for female dog menstruation (female dog season), dog housebreaking, or dog incontinence." They're "designed with very cute fabrics."

I think that's about enough outta me for one night. Back to reading subs.


I assume the "Call out Gouranga" folks want to call him out so they can kick his ass, or something. :^)

In the water bottle story, they studied bottles reused by elementary school kids, who don't strike me as shining models of hygiene. Letting little kids reuse plastic water bottles might be hazardous to their health, but it sounds like my practice of refilling the bottle I keep at the office eight or ten times isn't likely to hurt me.

Oh, those cats in hats pictures are just wrong.

Funny, but very very wrong.

I'm not sure which disturbs me more about the diapers for dogs... The fact that they called them "bitch britches", or the ABBA music that autoloads with the site.


The cats. Oh my goodness. I wonder what drug they had to use to get the cats to stay still? Are the headpieces made of catnip?

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