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In better news

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Just occurred to me that Clarion (East) is right around the corner! Chronologically speaking, of course, not geographically, at least not for me. Starting this coming Monday, 17 (?) impressionable writers will be put through their paces by an all-star lineup of writers and editors. Somehow I missed seeing this year's Clarion East teacher list 'til now. Cool beans. Any of you Clarion people reading this, I strongly recommend going to the weekly readings. Howard, Nalo, and Kelly in particular are all exceptionally good readers of their own work. Don't miss 'em.

Clarion West doesn't start 'til a couple weeks later; I suppose that gives you CW types a couple of weeks of reading the CE people's journals to get you in the mood.

Unrelated good news: Mary Anne's domain seems to be operational again, so y'all who wanted to apply to the SH workshops can now do so.

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