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Top 250


On the IMDB's top 250 movies list (as voted by IMDB users), four movies out of the top 25 were released in the past seven years.

Knowing how many geeks (and pervy hobbit fanciers) use the IMDB, it's probably not a big surprise that two of those are the first two LotR movies. The third, somewhat unexpectedly to me, is Memento.

Any guesses as to the fourth? No fair peeking.


Well, it's got to be the one that came out 7 years ago, cause surely Memento isn't that old. (right? Please?) 7 years...That's...1996. I was in college then, and have no idea what movies were out then. Unless it's something like "She's all that" or "Fierce Creatures." :) (they were cheap, and I'm a bit of a movie slut.)

I peeked, and by way of a hint I say: ptui! to their voting survey. Ptui! I say.

Celia: he just means that the fifth most recent movie was released eight years ago, so #s 1-4 were released in the past seven years. Don't limit yourself to 1996.



It wasn't The Titanic, was it? That's my first guess, off the top of my head.

Okay, I think I misunderstood the rules of this game. Ah well.

Oh, yeah—I forgot you didn't like that movie, j7y. :) I should've given that as a hint. ...Well, for what it's worth, I'm mystified by quite a few of the movies on that list. I mean, I liked The Shawshank Redemption fine, but there's no way I'd rank it as second-best movie of all time. In fact, the only overlap between their top 20 and mine is Casablanca. ...I've now seen all of their top 20 (the first two Godfather movies were the last ones I hadn't seen), but I think I'm missing about 10 of the top 50.

(Thanks, btw, j7y, for explaining about the last-seven-years thing—and sorry, Celia and others, not to say that more clearly.)

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