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Do-Not-Call Registry!


The new Federal Do Not Call Registry opens today. You can sign up online or call a toll-free number (though the phone number only works west of the Mississippi for now). The sign-up site is, of course, swamped at the moment; may take a while to get through. Way cool that it's up and running, though.


And why can't we call Registry? Will they be upset?


I think Jed misread the news on this -- we can't call the phone number at dinner time.

Seriously, they're pretty swamped. I went to sign up on the website, which took a while but I did get on. The idea is that they then send you an email and you have to do something to confirm. But I haven't gotten the email (the website says it will take a few minutes, but it's been a couple of hours so far).

Still, it's a great idea, assuming they really do something about violations.


I was lucky enough to sign up yesterday when it opened. WooHoo! Let's hope it works.

You know, even though I’ve been reading stories about this all day, Jed, I still read your headline pretty much the way Jay did.

(“Registry”, with a capital R and no “the”, has a pretty ominous sound, doesn’t it? Not exactly Orwellian, but maybe a little Kafkaesque.)

Agreed on ominousness.

I've added hyphens to perhaps make the title parse a little clearer. Better?

Funny thing is, the original title was going to be "Do Not Call!", but I figured that would be confusing.... :)

Much better. :)

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