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Safire on Lawrence decision

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I've long had mixed feelings about William Safire, but I think his latest column ("The Bedroom Door") is pretty good. I almost agree with him on much of it. For example, talking about the gay-marriage issue:

Don't underestimate the depth of feeling about this on the religious right. Not just fundamentalists, but many churchgoers and congregants see this as a perversion of the institution of marriage and an assault on our standards of morality. Branding them as mindless bigots for holding these views, or for daring to argue that a child's sexual orientation may be influenced by that of his or her parents, is unfair and divisive.

Now, I think "unfair and divisive" is a silly way to characterize this attitude; I feel that the people opposed to gay marriage are being at least as unfair and divisive. But I'd agree to a slightly modified version: I think that branding people as mindless bigots is unlikely to be productive, and is more likely to hurt the cause than to help it.

Safire goes on to say, "Rather than wring our hands and cry 'abomination!', believers in family values should take up the challenge and repair our own house." And he closes with this line, which made me laugh:

I used to fret about same-sex marriage. Maybe competition from responsible gays would revive opposite-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, Maureen Dowd's column on Scalia is full of unnecessary personal attacks (I think I usually like her stuff, but it's been a while since I've read it), but I was amused by this line:

(Note to the panicked right: Newsweek just reported married heterosexuals were strangers to sex. So, if you want gay couples to stop having sex, let them get married.)

In other news, I can stop posting entries any time I want to. Really.

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I've been finding Dowd increasingly less interesting and readable for quite a while. She's gone whole hog on the snide comments and personal attacks at the expense of (at least from my perspective) anything resembling coherent logical argument. On the other hand, the one line you quoted here had me on the floor. Shrug.

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