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Facial reconstruction


Popular Mechanics ran an article six months ago about the attempts of some forensic anthropologists to reconstruct the face of Jesus.

Actually, what they've done is reconstruct what they believe is a typical face of a Semitic male from that region at that time. Various bits of textual evidence from the Bible were used to support the notion that he looked a lot like all the other men of the area.

Pretty flimsy evidence. But kind of interesting anyway.

Note that the sidebar down the right side of the page shows depictions of Jesus' face through the ages, rather than (as I first thought) showing examples of the items discussed in the article.


Pretty uninspiring face as for someone who changed western history... Alas, appearances. Assuming, of course, that this reconstruction is anywhere close to reality (which most likely it isn’t).

Why does Jesus look like he just dropped a bowling ball on his foot?

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