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From the makers of SpamAssassin

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As most of y'all probably know, SpamAssassin is software that automatically determines whether a given piece of email is spam or not, and if it decides the message is spam, does something appropriate with it (as specified by the user).

Now BBspot reports: "SpamAssassin Unveils New HomeAssassin Product for Unwelcome Visitors." The lead programmer explains: "All you need is the HomeAssassin software, a webcam, a computer, and one of our specially trained Ninja Assassins."

(Thanks, Will!)

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Oh, in a note of seriousness, I meant to mention that spamassasin has a POP product available that I've been using lately and it's kick ass. it's SAProxy, available at www.bloomba.com, and it was consumer reports's best bet for spam handling, and it's free, so what more could I want? It's letting a bit more spam escape than I"m happy with, but a lot less than I'm used to getting.

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