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TorCon planning


It turns out that Toronto is a roaming area for Sprint PCS, so while I'm at TorCon for the next few days, incoming cell phone calls will cost me 50 cents/minute, and outgoing calls will cost me 75 cents/minute. I assume the same is true for other Americans who use Sprint PCS. (Also, I had to upgrade my phone to get it to work there at all. That was kinda cool, actually (from a naive-geek perspective, though probably not from any other perspective); I pressed * 2 and then TALK, which I think is the usual customer-service number, and it automatically downloaded some software or firmware or something and told me when it was done.)

So I don't think I'll be using my phone much in Toronto. Which is too bad—I continue to feel like cell phones should be ideal for keeping track of where people are at cons, but the reality never quite works out that way.

I'll be arriving in Toronto on Thursday night, theoretically around 8:40 p.m. I'll take a cab or a shuttle or something to the Fairmont, where Mary Anne and I are staying Thursday night through Sunday. Not sure what the rest of my weekend will be like. I was apparently not scheduled for any panels (at least, I'm not listed on the panel-participants list), so I imagine I'll be doing a lot socializing and hanging around.

On Friday at 1, I'll probably be at the "Gender Biases Among SF Magazine Editors, Publishers and Reviewers" panel. I'm guessing it'll go somewhat differently from the WisCon version; the panelists are Mary Anne, Gordon van Gelder, Scott Edelman, Karen Traviss, and Ellen Datlow.

On Friday at 3, I'll be at the Spectrum Awards ceremony, as a stand-in for M.C.A. Hogarth, who sadly won't be there. ("Unspeakable" is a finalist in the short-fiction category.)

I may try and make the "Beer & Wings" thing Friday evening; I'm not fond of either beer or wings (of the cooked chicken variety, that is), but I'm told those aren't required, and the company looks to be excellent. (But don't wait for me, y'all; I may just not make it.)

Saturday I have no particular plans as yet; imagine I'll go panel-hopping and do a certain amount of lounging about, and maybe hit the dealer's room and the art show, and possibly stop by the costume contest in the evening for a few minutes, and maybe go filking (it's been quite a while), and go to various parties TBD, probably including the SFWA suite at some point. Maybe the neopros can try to take over part of the SFWA suite again; that was fun last year.

Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. the don't-miss place to be will be Jay's reading (CC203A) followed by David M's reading.

Sunday afternoon (3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. or so) will be the Strange Horizons/Ideomancer tea party, to be held in a "junior suite" in, we think, the Crowne Plaza, the hotel that's attached to the Convention Center. Room number TBD. I sure hope they can tell us before Sunday afternoon what the room number will be. We'll post it on the party board as soon as we know it, certainly. For those who've lost count, I should mention that this will be SH's third-anniversary party as well. Three years!

Don't know whether I'll attend the Hugos or not; guessing I'll probably end up watching part of the ceremony via hotel closed-circuit TV, rather than going to the whole thing.

I'm flying out Monday afternoon; flight leaves around 5:30 p.m.

See some of you there!


Tea party! Woo hoo! And the Greek Chorus will be at my reading, so prepare to be impressed. Berets for all.

Well, berets for some.

Jed: There's a Planet Relish reading on Thursday at 10-11pm, featuring myself, Lori Ann White, and Lawrence Schoen. I think a whole bunch of the Rumor Mill folks - as well as a generous helping of the OWW crowd - are planning on meeting up there. :)

Looking forward to meeting you in person!


Hey, Jed--I hope you'll report in on the gender bias among SF magazine editors, etc. panel; I'm curious about how it will differ from the WisCon version, which was enlightening.

Have a great time!

Ditto Sarah. (I really like doing that.)

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