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Greens win online votes

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There are at least two sites that are providing "ballots" on which you can "vote" for candidates in the California recall election.

The Committee to Recall Awful Politicans' recallballot.com more or less duplicates the mechanics of the recall: you indicate whether you're a registered California voter (it tallies non-California voters separately), then asks you to vote yes or no on the recall, then asks you to choose a single candidate. Among registered California voters who've voted on that site, 54% are in favor of the recall, and Peter Miguel Camejo, the leading Green candidate, has 19.4% of the vote, with Arianna Huffington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Georgy Russell, and Cruz Bustamente filling in the rest of the top 5 spots. Among those who don't identify themselves as registered CA voters, the order goes Schwarzenegger (14.6%), Camejo, Bustamente, Darryl L. Mobley, and Russell. There's no indication I can see of how many people have voted; I'd guess at least a thousand, given that some candidates are listed as getting 0.1% of the vote. The people who run the site provided entertainingly goofy (and sometimes deliberately offensive) photos and descriptions of many of the candidates, and post snide and/or silly responses to comments they receive.

Meanwhile, Recall Sanity, an organization apparently dedicated to using Instant Runoff Voting in the recall, provides an online simulation of what an IRV vote would be like. Much as I like IRV, I'm not convinced that it's the best system for choosing among 135 candidates (not that I have any better suggestions), but it's kind of fun. The voting page may take a while to load, though, and the results page (which shows all 65 rounds of voting) may take significantly longer. The final result? So far, with 1670 ballots cast, Camejo starts in first (with 25.4% of the first-round votes), and finishes up still in first. Georgy Russell likewise starts and finishes in second place, Ahnold starts and finishes in 3rd, and Bustamente starts and finishes in 4th.

Of course these polls are completely skewed and don't reflect reality in any way. But I still enjoyed seeing Camejo as frontrunner.

Meanwhile, the official voter information guide provided by the state provides some entertainment too. Some quotes:

Larry Flynt
...California is the most progressive state in the union and I'm sure its citizens would welcome having a smut peddler who cares as their Governor.
Trek Thunder Kelly
Dear Voters, Please vote for me, thus breaking the Seventh Seal and incurring Armageddon....
Bruce Margolin
...We should teach basic criminal penalties and yoga in our schools.
Paul Mariano
...I am the only candidate who will appoint Davis as Chief of Staff in charge of the day-to-day governance of California, the job he was duly elected to do.
Kevin Richter
I breathe. [That's the entirety of his statement.]

Okay, that's enough of that. . . . I hear someone in the courtroom arguments the other day referred to the "Circus" Court instead of the Circuit Court. . . . Very apropos.

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