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Men in skirts


Will points to a prominent New York Times article this morning titled Guy in Skirt Seeks Sensitivity in Brooklyn; the author is a male Times reporter who agreed to an assignment to wear a skirt around town and report on how people reacted. Some interesting stuff, plus a picture of a UtiliKilt.

I recently talked with a female friend who had recently visited India and worn a sari for the first time. I commented that in my experiment with wearing a sari earlier this year, I had been startled at how open and exposed it felt, particularly how much of my back was exposed. She laughed and pointed out that this demonstrated that I was a boy, since Western girls' clothing also often leaves a lot exposed.

. . . And btw, some day I really do still plan to write more about that sari experience; it was very interesting. But I know it'll take a while to write up, and it hasn't been high on my priority list.


I have *got* to get a Utilikilt for Stephen. Thanks for the link!

I saw a guy at the Santa Barbara Faire last year in a mini UtiliKilt. It was just... wrong.

Just noticed that today's (11/7) NY Times has a review of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's fashion design show "Bravehearts" complete with slide show...
If only the sparkly Roman military inspired ensemble had a chance...;)

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