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Fund drive nearing conclusion

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I was gonna go off and pack, but then I remembered that I haven't yet mentioned the current SH fund drive.

Yes, it's that time of year again: Strange Horizons is asking for donations. Susan has been writing editorials talking about what we do, and why, and how, and why we want your money, and so on; so I'll just leave it at noting that we're three-quarters of the way to our fund-drive goal, and therefore still hoping to raise another $400 in the next week. If you've been thinking about donating, I encourage you to go do it.

If you read SH, you could think of this as being like a subscription, and you could donate the amount that you might pay for a subscription to a print magazine; $25 gets you a membership, which provides you with a spiffy membership card. But another option would be to just send us $5 or $10; you don't get a membership card that way, but for the cost of a couple of espressos, or a movie, you can help support us. I personally would still be happier to see a couple hundred people give us $10 apiece than ten people give us $200 apiece.

And for those of you for whom this is relevant, donations to us are still tax-deductible.

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