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Local news

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Two unrelated news items from yesterday:

  • Here in Mountain View, AOL has laid off about 400 employees, including my friend S, who'd survived the last round of layoffs (in which AOL got rid of most of the people who'd been working on Netscape).
  • Up in San Francisco, Democrat Gavin Newsom won the mayoral runoff election against Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez. I'm not too surprised by that; what surprises me is that the race was rather close. Although only 3% of registered San Francisco voters are Greens, Gonzalez got 47% of the vote, losing by only about 13,000 votes. And that's after Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and former mayor Willie Brown all endorsed and campaigned for Newsom. About 51% of SF's registered voters voted in this election; that's more than voted in the original election that this was a runoff for. (Meanwhile, in the other runoff election in SF, Kamala Harris beat incumbent Terence Hallinan (apparently known as "America's most progressive district attorney") to become the first female district attorney in San Francisco, and the first African-American DA in California, and the first female Indian-American DA in the US. I don't know enough about either candidate to have an opinion on that race.)

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