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Dancing quote


I can't find my book darts, so here's another commonplace-book entry:

Dear me, dancing is peculiar when you really think about it. If a man held your hand and put his arm round your waist without its being dancing, it would be most important; in dancing, you don't even notice it—well, only a little bit.

—from I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith, p. 127 of this edition


Oh, yay! I love that book so much. Have you seen the movie version yet? I've trepidaciously netflixed it.

Nope, haven't seen the movie—in fact, I hadn't ever heard of the book or movie (though I'd heard of Dodie Smith as the author of the original book of 101 Dalmatians) until Mary Anne gave me the book a week or so ago.

It reminds me in some ways of (the movie of) Cold Comfort Farm. (I haven't read the original novel of that yet.)

Oh, you should DEFINITELY read Cold Comfort Farm next. Great book, funnier than the movie even.

I envy you reading Castle (and Cold Comfort, for that matter) for the first time, although really I'm still bitter I didn't read Castle when I was 14.

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