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Went to bed at 1 a.m. Was awakened at 5:20 by loud machinery somewhere within a half-block of here; not really sure where.

Tried to go back to sleep; machinery noises continued. Finally got up and moved to guest bedroom (quieter, presumably further from noise), and put Reflecting Light on the iPod. (It's a New Age album by Suzanne Doucet that I've been using for occasional going-to-sleep music for so long that I can sometimes get myself to go to sleep just by running it in my head. Very relaxing, with just enough variation to disrupt linear thought, which seems to make it a lot easier for me to fall asleep.) Got back to sleep within an hour or so of first waking up, but it kinda threw my day out of sync. Must figure out how to soundproof bedroom.

After work, had a writing evening with Kate at the Books Inc. cafe in Mountain View. Very productive. We chatted for an hour, then wrote for nearly two hours; she came close to finishing her story, and I wrote about twelve hundred words on my Zeppelin story, and did a little research. It's handy to have Britannica on one's computer.

Okay, time for bed. (Would sleep in guest room tonight, but am expecting neighbors to make noise dragging trash cans across parking lot (outside guest room window) for trash day before 6 a.m.) I should be doing some editing, but I'm trying to train myself to go to bed earlier so being woken up ultra-early won't be so disastrous. Editing can wait for morning.

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