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Cute little kittens


Do y'all already know about this item? If you're having a bad day and need cheering up, and you're not immune to cuteness, you could do worse than the random kitten generator.

Notwithstanding the fact that some of them appear to be little demon kitties (due to camera red-eye), and some of them appear to be aliens. But many of them are very very cute.


Oh how very cute! I like the one with the kitten not much bigger than the hand holding it. I will try to remember how cute cats can be when my 20 pound one leaps up onto the bed in the middle of the night and squashes me, as he often does.

I like this one: http://www.blogjam.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/kittens/0100.jpg

Not sure if it's a demon or an alien or what, but yow.

That one's always been my favorite.

I'm afraid all the nature scenes remind me of this.

Okay, and now this. Google image search rocks. I'm going to have to bookmark that one.

Wow—those are impressive kitty pics, especially the demon/alien one. And I was entirely unaware of the glory that is Domo-kun until now. Remarkable.

So while showing the kittens to Brynnen who adored the site, Ed said, "This isn't actually generating the kittens, is it?"

How will we ever be sure?

these kittens are SO cute.....or are they dogs? LOL....kidding!

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kittens are so cute and cudly

these kittens are very sexy.. i wont to shage them right up the ass hole..

kittens are soo sweet i want one when im older but my fav one is the lion looking ones they are so gorgeous !

I love kittens. they are loveable and cute. i have a newborn kitten named midnight.

cute as an angle

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