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Belated friendslist-skimming

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It's apparently been about two weeks since I've done more than glance at my LJ friends list. Busier than usual at work, busy at home, traveling and offline, etc. So now I'm doing a quick backward skim to get a vague notion of what I've missed, and that's all the catching up I'll be doing. A few tidbits:

Best line (quoted by Nao/gannet from a BBC article teaser):

Researchers who coaxed lab mice to produce monkey sperm say their work could benefit humans.

Scariest article: "Dominate. Intimidate. Control," about the good old Transportation Security Administration. I haven't decided yet whether to try to stop flying when/if CAPPS II goes into full effect.

Best retro-blog encountered after following a pointer to something else entirely: The Beatles Are Coming, where it's February 7, 1964. "The main part of this site is my BEATLES LOG. I call it my B-LOG - or 'BLOG' for short."

Most interesting-to-me dreams: the one that I turned up in, and the one featuring advertisements for other dreams.

Best meme variant: supergee's large-scale version of the where I've been meme.

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