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I gather that, theoretically, MyDoom is supposed to stop sending itself on 12 February. I'm looking forward to that, and hoping the next similar worm doesn't show up for a while. At this point I'm getting about one copy of MyDoom every two minutes, including the copies that arrive in bounces. (Down from one copy a minute a few days ago.)

But I'm counting my blessings: Kent said over on the Rumor Mill that at peak volume, he was getting a hundred copies a minute, plus the associated bounces. The volume I'm seeing is already way too much; I think if I were getting two hundred times this much I'd have turned off my email by now.


The irony, Jed, the irony.

Hey! I was going to say that!

I take that back--maybe there's something wrong with the LJ feed? Because I only see one copy of this post on Jed's main page, but there are three on my "friends" page.

Apologies for the confusion. I accidentally posted new copies of the entry instead of editing, and didn't see the mistake until after it had already propagated to LJ. Nothing I can do about the extra copies on LJ, I don't think; sorry about that.

No problem!

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