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More rocks. More dirt.


In case you're wondering what it's really like on Mars, you can stop by spiritrover's LiveJournal and follow along on her adventures. (Just don't tell NASA about the LJ, 'kay?) The comments are worth reading, too; one of the comments pages pointed to a very silly movie of what might happen when she uses her grinding tool. There's a note somewhere in there from pioneer10, too.

But all is not fun and games, 'cause Spirit's sister opportunitygrrl also has a journal, and there's some sibling rivalry between the two. Opportunity is more of a pink-with-sparkles fembot, while Spirit seems to be a bit of a Goth. Opportunity has a crush on Stardust.

Not to be outdone, b3agle2 has an LJ too.

Thanks, Ben N.!

I really like the fictional-LJ genre. Or maybe I mean medium. I don't read any of them regularly, 'cause I've got enough time sinks already, but I enjoy them when I come across them. Hmm, too bad the Hugos don't have an "Other Forms" category....


I wonder whether Nick Mamatas' "joanierules.bloggermax.com" is going to be That One fictional-blog story that keeps anyone else from pursuing the idea seriously (on account of it being, you know, done). It's a good story -- if there's going to be just one non-joke example, it could have been a lot worse.

Still, I'd like to have seen a story told in the traditional last-entry-first format. A quick cut-and-paste job along those lines for j.b.c is on my "useless things to do someday" list, just to satisfy my own curiousity.

Being friended by the Spirit Rover was one of my favorite things last month.

That may say more about the state of my life than the journal, of course...

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