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Yet another award to vote for


I know there are dozens of awards currently being voted on, but here's one more: the second annual Wooden Rocket Awards are now open for voting. This is an award for best sf-related websites in a variety of categories.

Last year, over 12,000 people voted on the award, about ten times as many as vote for the Hugos. (Though there's no information available about how many voted in any particular category.) Since the sponsoring site, SFcrowsnest, claims to be "Europe's most visited science fiction site," I'm guessing that a higher percentage of those voters were European than is true in most of the American awards. In the Best Online Magazine category last year, The Alien Online won, with SH and Infinity Plus as runners-up.

To be eligible to vote, you have to sign up for their free monthly email newsletter/magazine. (It mostly consists of links to the month's articles, news, and reviews.) Last year you had to be signed up for two months prior to the voting; this year the site doesn't say anything about a two-month advance period, but if you're thinking about voting, it couldn't hurt to sign up for the newsletter now. (Voting apparently continues through July 5.)

Some items worth noting from the rules:

  • You only get one ballot, and you can vote for only one site in each category.
  • They can disregard any and all votes that appear to be improper, invalid, or otherwise bad, at their discretion, without notice. (This is not at all surprising, but they do make it explicitly clear in the rules.) Also, sites that receive too many invalid votes can be disqualified permanently. In other words, please don't cheat.
  • The voting system is "first-past-the-post"; whichever site in each category has the most votes at the close of voting is declared winner, with 2nd and 3rd place sites in each category being labeled runners-up.
  • For their purposes, a "site" is the entire site under a given domain name (if the domain name is owned by the site), except in cases of very large sites (over 1000 pages), where different sections can be considered in different categories.

If you're looking for things to nominate, you might wander through that list of SF on the Web we did for WorldCon 2002 (some of those links have indubitably fallen to link-rot by now, but oh well). The Crowsnest site also has a directory of sites; if you look at the definitions for each category, you can click to view a (non-comprehensive) listing of some sites you could vote for in that category.


Hey Jed -- nice article about SH in the most recent BULLETIN! I quite enjoyed it, and am glad to have had a tiny part in the wonderful creation that is STRANGE HORIZONS! Congrats.

Thanks, Mike! Unfortunately, due to my change of address, I haven't actually received the issue of the Bulletin in question. But it was a fun interview, and I'm glad to hear it came out well.

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