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Dear Senator Boxer

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I didn't expect any better from Dianne Feinstein, who near as I can tell is more or less a conservative; I've pretty much given up on her after hearing her in a debate on the radio a couple years ago. (Okay, that's not really fair; her justification for opposing the marriages in San Francisco is at least ostensibly a liberal one: the backlash argument that I myself was propounding not long ago. But I don't expect much from her anyway.)

But I'm very disappointed in California's other Senator, Barbara Boxer, who said on Wednesday (according to a Mercury News article):

My opinion is that state law is fair and appropriate because it gives equal rights to all citizens.

That's not as immediately ridiculous as I initially thought; she's not talking about the Knight Initiative (prop. 22), but rather about California's domestic-partners registry. Still, what it comes down to is that she's saying separate-but-equal is good enough.

I don't agree with her, obviously. If you live in California and you don't agree with her, drop her a note. My impression is that politicians don't pay as much attention to email as they do to papermail (so if you want to write her a real letter, by all means do), but email's a lot more convenient and you don't have to go find a stamp.

Don't be nasty to her; as that Merc article notes, she's been "a champion of gay rights" for a while now. But do express your disappointment and disapproval. If you voted for her, couldn't hurt to mention that too.

In my letter, I also suggested that she take Mayor Newsom up on the offer he's been making to various conservative politicians, to meet with some of the newlyweds. I wonder if Sen. Boxer could look a newly married couple in the face and tell them that they should have just gotten registered as domestic partners, that that would've been just as good.

. . . In related news:

  • Unfortunately, the New Mexico state attorney general's office has declared same-sex marriage licenses invalid, and the Sandoval County clerk has had to stop giving them out, after issuing only 67 licenses.
  • There's a lovely Bad Reporter comic strip up that includes the line "After weeks of hopeless, demoralizing freedom, S.F. citizens will greet us as oppressors!" and the even better headline "Church and state get married in beautiful D.C. ceremony."
  • According to a statewide poll (cited in a Chronicle article), "sympathy for allowing gays and lesbians to marry has risen by 6 points over the last four years, to 44 percent." Also, "[in] the San Francisco Bay area, 58 percent of all respondents support gay marriage." Some article I was looking at earlier said, I think, that 66 percent of San Francisco voters were in favor of gay marriage, but I can't find that stat now.
  • Mayor Newsom, btw, officiated on Friday morning at the wedding of Carole Migden, head of California's Board of Equalization.
  • See also the Chron's photo album.

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Ah, Jed. You're just as obsessed with this historic event as I am! We seem to be reading the same articles; I was going to write almost exactly the same journal entry (well, I was going to include almost every last link you do, at least), but now I can just point people here :-) Thanks!

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