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Please contact your Senators


The ever-vigilant Will Q. has put together a remarkable and incredibly useful page showing every Senator's current stance on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Will writes:

The success or failure of the Federal Marriage Amendment likely depends on whether or not it passes (with 2/3 majority needed) in the Senate. If it does pass, it may gain momentum and pass the House; and it will very likely pass in 38 state legislatures if it comes to that, as most state legislatures are fairly conservative. The Senate, being very evenly divided (48 Democrats, 1 Independent, 51 Republicans), is the key; whatever your views on the FMA, the Senate is where they should be directed.


Note that—at the present time—email is more effective than snail mail for contacting your Senators. Snail mail to Senators is being quarantined due to the ricin scare. So use those email links!

I would add that phone calls may also be effective, for those of you comfortable with calling elected officials' offices.

Will and Josh Chafetz have done all the hard work of gathering info and presenting it clearly and effectively. All you have to do is look up your state, see what your Senators are currently on record as saying, and follow a link to send them email in support or opposition. This is about as easy as it gets, folks. Go do it.

(Note that "for" means "for the amendment" and "against" means "against the amendment.")


Thanks, Jed!

I should note one update I just made: paper mail apparently started being delivered again to the Senate offices on 23 February, but there's a huge backlog (no mail was delivered from 2-22 Feb). So email is still far more immediate and, presumably, effective than paper mail. Telephoning is, I'm sure, also effective. Maybe I'll add phone numbers this weekend for completeness.

This is great, Will, thanks.

Another thing that will get a politician's attention is to send a letter to the editor to your local or regional paper (which is also in their district) criticizing/praising/asking for more from a candidate re: their position on this or anything else. These people have staffs that clip the papers, so they really don't like it when there are critical letters in the paper. Sometimes they will respond, but they will definitely take notice. And your message gets seen by more people.

Yeah, thanks, Will. And Jed for posting it.

Interesting. So I visited the Tom Harkin site and it included a pulldown menu for the topic of the comment, and I was able to click on "Civil Rights" and then leave my comment. Then I went over to Republican Senator Chuck Grassley's site; he's undecided on the issue so far. His site also includes a pulldown menu, but selections include "Terrorist Attacks on America" and "Abortion/Life Issues" and nothing about GLBT or civil rights issues so I had to click on "Other". Which pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?


Once again, your web link proves that living in Massachusetts means never having to write a frothy letter to your senator. Unless you're a conservative. This is why I stay.

Jennifer wrote: "... unless you're a conservative". You're forgetting "unless you're actually in favor of gay marriage"! Take a closer look at Kerry's position.

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