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End of a haira


Those of you who don't know nj and who thus never saw the great long hair that he's been growing for the last 14 years (that photo doesn't really do it justice, but I can't find a better one online) won't be at all surprised to discover that he now has less hair than his infant daughter.

(Most of the photos that come up when I do a Google image search for nj's name are photos taken by him rather than of him. The photos of Lori & Al's wedding are almost enough to launch me into a small-world story of discovering after said wedding that a couple of my friends who aren't in any way connected to my workplace were there, but there are other things I ought to be doing.)


Heh; I somehow thought "haira" looked like an Arabic word, and presumably one that wouldn't rhyme with "era", so I was confused at first.

Everybody sing it:

"My soul's on fire

"Giddiyup, giddiyup, infidel, mao, mao"

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