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Huh. A vanity Google search (for reasons I'll go into another time) has just led me to the discovery that there's another Jed Hartman. I knew there were lots of other Jeds (though I never met one 'til college, and in many cases the name comes from their initials rather than being a given name) and lots of other Hartmans (though I never met one 'til well after college), but I hadn't realized there were other Jed Hartmans. A little disconcerting. I'm tempted to drop him a note in email. I wonder what he thinks of the fact that there's this guy with his name (me) who's got footprints all over the web, making it pretty much impossible for someone to find him via Google unless they know where he works.


Jed, it's my duty to inform you that there are *two* Jed Hartmans out there besides yourself. One in NYC, the other in West Virginia, according to ReferenceUSA.

Be afraid! Afraid!

I love this game. There are at least five of me (those of you who know my full name will know why this is surprising). And Stephen has also been the president of some college in California (well, he tried to disguise it with a different middle initial, but that trick never works).

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