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Email difficulties

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A whole bunch of people have recently tried to email me at kith@logos.org, which isn't my address. If you've been trying to reach me by writing to that address, swap the username and domain name.

(In case this helps, my username comes from a MUD I helped administer at Swarthmore, where my character was named Logos the Spelling Demon. (Logos meaning word, with no intended religious connotations.) He was a four-foot-tall red guy who clumsily teleported around and corrected the spelling and grammar of descriptions that people had written for objects and rooms. The domain name kith.org has an explanatory page of its own; part of the original impetus for choosing that particular name was that I wanted to provide email accounts for friends. Which I've finally actually been doing lately, though it took several years.)

A couple weeks ago, I was having sort of the opposite problem: there were several people who were trying to send each other personal mail (arranging times to meet, mostly) at kith.org addresses, but none of them were anyone I'd ever heard of. I'm not at all clear on how "kith.org" got substituted for their friends' actual domain names (which were entirely unlike "kith.org").

Meanwhile, we've had several queries to the SH fiction department lately from people who never received rejections that we sent them. So I think it's time to spread the word again. I've decided to start phrasing it as "we always respond to submissions within 60 days"—it's true that there've been a few submissions over the years that we took longer than 60 days to reply to, but very few, and none in the past year. So we realio trulio mean it: if you send us a submission and you get an autoresponse and then you don't hear from us for 60 days, please query immediately (on day 61, say) rather than waiting a few extra weeks or months to see if we're just being slow. Email does get lost on a regular basis, especially in these days of overzealous spam filters, and if you don't hear from us within 60 days of submitting, the chances are near 100% that we sent a response and that it got lost in the mail.

(And the usual addendum to that still applies: if you don't receive an autoresponse within three days, query immediately. Three days is the absolute maximum that it should ever take us to send an autoresponse; most of our autoresponses go out within a few hours. If it's been three days, that definitely means that either your submission or our response disappeared into the ether. Don't wait a few more days or weeks or months just in case.)

I'm never quite sure how to phrase that strongly enough—I think people tend to interpret it as "60 days is the minimum time you should wait, but if you're willing to wait longer, go ahead." But I honestly do mean that we strongly encourage—nay, beg—you to query after 60 days. It doesn't do anyone any good to wait any longer. It can't improve the chances of your story being accepted to wait, because we've already made our decision and sent our response at that point.

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