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A few quick items


Gotta get going, but first:

  • Bay Areans: Remember that "Robots Are Us!" is tonight! I said it started at 7, but it turns out it really starts at 7:30; doors open at 7.
  • Village Voice piece on The Way Blogs Are Ruining My Life. Several funny bits ("But I linked to you on my blog! That is just the same as if I showed up in person!"), but perhaps the funniest thing to me is that I've never heard of most of the blogs she mentions; in fact, I've heard of her "barely solvent literary magazine" Pindeldyboz more often than I've heard of most of those blogs. When I think of A-list blogs, I tend to think of the warbloggers or the übergeeks rather than media-culture blogs. Which just shows how hard it is to get perspective on any part of the Blogosphere from inside that part.
  • An excellent official document from the NASA Ames Research Center: "Procedure to Follow in the Event That Building 245 is Attacked by Vikings." "Since the decline of the Carolingian Empire in the 10th century, Building 245 of the NASA Ames Research Center has been subject to periodic raids by Viking marauders."
  • Tree Circus—trees grown into a variety of amazing shapes.
  • If you're designing a website, you really ought to read Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Accessibility.


One of the really interesting phenomenons inside the circle she's talking about, the "lit-bloggers," is how many of them are being hired by the NYTimes and Washington Post to do book reviews. I think there's been three or four in the last few months. Old media stealing from new non-media.

I'd never heard of any of them either before last Thanksgiving when Barb showed them to me... It is really hard to get a handle on blogopolis.

I read many of the blogs she mentioned, and at have at least skimmed all of them.

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