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Monday marriage Massachusetts


In the midst of all the awful stuff happening lately, I think it's worth pausing to celebrate one bit of impending good news:

On Monday, two days from now, same-sex couples will be able to marry legally in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, there are some residency issues (NYT link; free registration required); the governor's going to enforce a 1913 law that prevents non-residents (who have no intention to move to MA) from getting married if their marriages wouldn't count in their home states. Remains to be seen what'll come of that, or of certain communities (such as Provincetown) refusing to go along with that restriction.

Still. Even if it's limited, even if some of the legal ramifications remain unclear, even if the state constitutional amendment passes in a couple years and invalidates all this—it's still a victory. It's glorious. I send my best wishes to all the couples in MA who can't legally marry today but who can on Monday; congratulations!

I'm looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of wedding photos online on Monday. If you come across any (or, for that matter, if you take any yourself!) and you feel like sharing, post links in comments to this entry.


yeah, I saw a bunch of couples on TV talking about how they were going to get married (again) on monday and I got all weepy.

So far it seems a fair number of communities (including Boston) plan to enforce it like they do for hetero couples - ask if there is an impediment, and then if the couples say yes, take them at their word.

monday shall be a very good day.

Monday will only provide a trickle of photos. We have a three day waiting period between getting your license and being able to get married. You can ask a judge to waive it, which some people are expected to do, but the real boom of photos should arrive on Thursday and beyond.

In fact, according to a story in today's Globe, many couples are going to take their time setting up their ceremonies rather than rushing to do it as quickly as possible. So we won't be seeing a San Francisco style rush where people line up at city hall to wait in line to be married on the spot. We're going to see weddings in all their usual variation--private, public; secular, religious; impromptu, planned.

But yes, I can't wait either :D

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