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Poly booklist

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Was on a panel on polyamory in sf this afternoon; was surprised to find that there doesn't seem to be an extensive online booklist on that topic per se, though there are a couple of booklists that include such works. So in order to avoid the traditional panel-as-place-to-list-books, I spent part of the afternoon putting together a list (I'd already found the content of the list, I just had to format it) and then printing it and photocopying it. And now I've put it online, in case anyone's interested.

(I should elaborate briefly on that comment about panels and booklists; for the longer version, see the last time I discussed this. It seems to me that many panels turn into nothing but brainstorming a booklist: first all of the panelists list the authors and titles of all the books they can think of in the category, and then all the audience members do the same, and each author and title generally has to be repeated two or three times so every audience member can write them all down. I know lots of people love that, but I hate it. I don't mind so much when people provide a few examples of relevant books or stories; I do that too. But I want them to also provide a brief description and some context, not just title and author.)

Anyway, additions welcome.

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