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Called yesterday early afternoon about my flight out of Madison, was told it would be about half an hour late. No problem. But called again just before it was time to leave for the airport and was told that it was now nearly two hours late, which meant it would be leaving Madison shortly before my connecting flight would be leaving Denver; in other words, it wasn't going to be possible to make the connecting flight. (United didn't notice that I was going to miss my connecting flight until I pointed it out to them; it really wouldn't be so hard to design a computer system that would red-flag such a situation.)

After much checking of various possibilities, and a trip to the airport 'cause I'm told sometimes the people at the check-in counter know more about what the options might be than the people on the phone, I discovered that there was no possible flight that could get me home yesterday. I had a few options: I could spend the night in Denver, presumably in a hotel, possibly at my own expense (I didn't ask about that), and then possibly get some sort of flight out Denver today; I could rush to maybe make it to the last bus to Chicago, sit on the bus for 3 hours, stay the night at Mary Anne's, then get an 11:00ish flight out of O'Hare; or stay in Madison and take the 2:10 p.m. flight home (via Chicago) today. Though if the bad weather continued in Chicago, I was told, all the other Tuesday flights out of Madison were booked solid, so I might be stuck until Wednesday.

I ended up staying in Madison. I'm gonna try to get some work done today, but what with spending most of the day in transit, I suspect that's not gonna happen; I may well end up having to take this as another vacation day. Not the worst thing that could happen, but I'm pretty short on vacation days at this point, and was hoping to save them up for Boston this fall.

Ah, well. Had a nice evening once I got over my disgruntlement with United, O'Hare, and the weather. Discovered a good Madison restaurant (a Chinese place called Wah Kee, a bit outside the area covered by the WisCon restaurant guide's map).

Am way behind on all sorts of stuff. Maybe it would be sensible to take today as a vacation day and try to catch up on magazine stuff.


Same thing happened to us, but we hopped on the first plane to Chicago O'Hare anyway. We thought we might have to stay the night there (at our own expense; because the delays were due to weather, the airline wasn't liable), but we waited on standby and snagged a couple of seats on the next plane to San Francisco. We got home a few hours later than we'd originally planned, but it wasn't too bad.

I hope you get home safely and not too frazzledly. It was wonderful to see you.

Yeah United's a mess right now. I wound up not getting out on Sunday even though the plane was sitting at the gate and the crew was there. I was able to leave on Monday morning, but via a different airline. Good luck!

Jed! You should have called Karen! Then you too could have sat around blearily and watched Jeremiah cry over his dinner.

Instead he called me this morning and we sat around blearily watching Jeremiah laugh over his brunch. Better, I think, and he got a toddler goodbye hug at the airport thrown into the bargain.

Ech. You're not missing much here, Jed. It's hot. It's really really hot. And you missed the world's loudest air show, which would have flown right over your house. :)

Bizarre that the airlines are now making people pick up their own hotel rooms if the delay is due to weather -- having been stuck many, many times due to weather, I've never had trouble getting a voucher from the airline for transportation to and from hotel and a night's stay.

Glad to hear everyone made it home okay, though... if late.

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