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Monday morning mishmash

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Gotta run off to work momentarily, and am only half-awake. But briefly:

  • Latest issue of Emerald City is up, including a detailed WisCon con report, and an interview with Gavin & Kelly in Cheryl's ongoing series of small-press interviews. Cheryl mentions a couple of panels I now wish I'd made it to. Ah, well. Oh, and one of the books she reviews is a new NESFA Press edition of Silverlock, with glossary and list of sources and sheet music(!) for the songs.
  • Cheryl also points to the script for Conablanca, the opening-ceremonies playlet from WisCon. I arrived halfway through the show (around the line "I’m shocked, shocked to find roleplaying is going on here!"), but (neglected to say this in my con report) enjoyed what I saw of it a great deal. Now I wish I'd arrived a few minutes earlier, as it seems I missed the H. G. Wells joke and the song "As Cons Go By," among other things.
  • Cheryl also posted some WisCon photos. And btw, Mike Ward has posted his WisCon panel photos.
  • Not related to Cheryl in any way: I have yet another possible latest-comments layout for you to take a look at. This one is higher on the page and doesn't include date/time of posting. Lemme know what you think. At some point I'll add a couple more and post links to the whole set and ask people to vote on favorites, but for now, thoughts welcome.

Okay—to work, to work. (L'chaim!) (I think that's a line from Snow White and the Seven Fiddlers.)

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