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And the (birth)days keep going by

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Sorry so long between entries these days. Busy.

I'd hoped to catch up on some stuff over the weekend, but it ended up being a busily social weekend again.

Saturday I dragged Mary Anne along to the birthday party of nj (nj's LJ) and Morrisa (Morrisa's LJ), where I got to meet Baby Miranda for the first time. Morrisa was wearing an excellent bright orange outfit; Miranda wore a nifty little chef's cap. My co-workers all gathered in one room and played poker (Texas Hold 'Em, of course). n&M's parties are an odd mix of social groups for me: maybe a dozen of my co-workers; various talk.bizarre people (some of whom I used to be in a writing group with) (and three of whom are exes of an ex-housemate of mine who Mary Anne went to Clarion with); a couple of people (like Zed, also a talk.bizarrite iIrc) who I was more recently in a different writing group with; old friends like Sarah L. and Arthur E.; various people who I've met here and there along the way but don't really know. I gave n&M a copy of The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases, which I suspect is right up their alley.

We left the party to head across the bay for Mary Anne's reading at Writers With Drinks; various miscalculations, mostly on my part, led to us arriving late, but luckily Cliff had saved us seats near the front. Good readings and performances by all; brilliant and funny introductions by Charlie Anders. I picked up a copy of the latest issue of Charlie's magazine, other, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. We all wandered over to another bar/pub and hung out for a while. There was some glancing at the Olympics on TV (me: Oh yeah, the Olympics is going on; forgot about that) and a very brief chat right at the very end of the evening about translating sf, something I think is important for the field but which I'm not sure how to go about. More on that another time.

Um. So that was Saturday. Sunday I did some SH stuff and had dinner with Arthur.

The other thing that's been going on a lot lately, though I haven't been nearly as observant about this as I'd like, is birthdays.

Last week: Kendra; Fidel Castro; Melissa R. This week: Andrea E., Wendy S., Robert de Niro, Ellie W., Morrisa S., Beth F. Next week: Dorothy Parker, Ray Bradbury, Laura A., Tamara M. Week after: Jenn R., Chaos G., Mary Shelley, Ed B., Stephen S.

You get the idea.

So happy birthday, all, and sorry so flaky lately.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was also my mother's birthday. She'd have been 61. All day, I meant to take some time to pause and reflect, but it never quite happened; things kept distracting me.

Haven't had much time to pause and reflect in general lately. And heading into another busily social period; will be out of town for most of three weeks starting in about a week. But I think I've got some downtime this coming week.

Other stuff can wait for another entry.

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Ooh, you saw Sarah L.! I haven't seen her in ages! :-)

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