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Items: sex and death by computer

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First the death: metanet software provides a free computer game called n. In it, you manipulate a little stick-figure ninja, leaping around the screen, climbing walls, collecting gold, and avoiding killer robots. Your ninja dies often, usually with spectacular animation and sound effects. The game is fun, it's tough, it's hard on the fingers, it's free. It's written in Flash, but you download it and play locally rather than playing in a web browser.

Now the sex (none of the following is worksafe):

Gina Lynn at Wired has an article titled "Ins and Outs of Teledildonics," which describes the Sinulator, a system for hooking up sex toys to the Internet. One person uses a vibrator that's connected to their computer; another person goes to the (um) "Sinulator Cockpit" on the website and manipulates the controls onscreen to cause the vibrator to do various things. You can also buy an "Interactive Fleshlight" so that one person's penetrations can remotely control a vibrator attached to another computer. One funny thing about the site is the mix of the plain corporate website look of the text and layout with the sleazy cheap porn look of the animated logo on the right side of the main page and of some of the rest of the site.

It's been noted that this system is reminiscent of the FuckU-FuckMe system, apparently proposed in 1999 though I don't recall having encountered it before. But presumably that was a joke; it looks like the Sinulator is real.

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Oh man--now i need another new keyboard. I've worn out my shift and arrow keys again!

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