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Items Without an Apparent Theme

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Who needs a theme when you've got items?

  • Own a zeppelin! For only ten million US dollars, you can purchase a "modern Zeppelin NT," which is "the first modern airship licensed to carry commercial passengers." It's 230 feet long, uses helium, and can travel at 70 knots. Best of all, it can "comfortably accommodate 11 pipers, a couple of lab assistants, a pilot, and a flight attendant." Pipers? What do they mean by pipers? Anyway, David and Jay, I figure you'll be wanting to get one of these when the zeppelin book becomes a bestseller. (Thanks to BoingBoing.)
  • Kameron points to an interesting-looking film: Stage Beauty.
  • Also via Kameron: "I Know All About These Kittens," combining political humor with cute kitten photos.
  • It's the Internet's most accurate English-to-English dictionary. You type in (or paste in) some English text, and the site instantly translates it into English, preserving your original grammar, style, and spelling. Only a few hours after this went online last week, the site's creator added support for three new languages: Spanish-to-Spanish, German-to-German, and French-to-French. Other languages will likely follow. Looking at what people type in to test the translator is mildly entertaining too, in a sad sort of way.
  • Filk group Ookla the Mok is now available at the iTunes Music Store. I can't remember who it was who recently pointed to their song "Stop Talking About Comic Books or I'll Kill You." They also have an album that apparently consists mostly of monkey-related songs: Smell No Evil.

Okay, that's quite enough of that.

1 Comment

I think the 11 pipers is an attempted Evil Overlord reference to The Twelve Days of Christmas (11 pipers piping, 10 goons a-gooning, 9 ninjas sneaking, 8 hunchbacks hunching, 7 test tubes bubbling, 6 missiles launching, FIVE LASER SHARKS!, 4 atomic piles, 3 death rays, 2 secret lairs, and a Modern Zeppelin NT).

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