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Historical slash

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Kam and I stopped in the bookstore last night after dinner, and I saw a book titled I Should Be Extremely Happy in Your Company: A Novel of Lewis and Clark, by Brian Hall.

Sadly, on closer inspection it turned out not to be a Lewis/Clark slash novel. (At least, not as far as I could tell from the info provided on the front and rear flaps.)

Furthermore, fanfiction.net doesn't appear to provide any Lewis/Clark fics. (They do, however, have a large collection of C.S. Lewis fanfic.)

Clearly this is a niche waiting to be filled.

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Actually, if I recall the NPR interview with the author correctly, there are some slashy aspects (or at least, some homosexual subtext) to the story. But the author tried to stick to the historical record as much as possible, and while there is some evidence in their letters to suggest that one or both of Lewis/Clark may have been attracted to the other on some level, there isn't any evidence of a physically sexual relationship.

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