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My brother Jay (who, btw, posted an excellent long comment the other day to one of my political entries, in case you missed it) dropped me a note this morning that reminded me that today is both our father's sixty-fifth birthday and the twenty-fourth anniversary of our mother's death.

Some years are harder than others, but in general it gets easier over time. It's not hitting me so hard this year, perhaps because there's so much else going on that I'm distracted.

Still, I thought it was worth posting a quick note in memory of Marcy. I do still miss her.

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*hugs* reading this made me realize my step-father's birthday has passed. It may be the 1st year I haven't thought of him on his birthday. How odd.

Of course, I think of him everytime I handle my books. I inherited most of my books, and my love of books, from him.

Funny, the ways people shape us long after they're gone.

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