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RotK Special Extended Edition


Jere7my notes that the Special Extended Edition of Return of the King will be available soon on DVD. Fifty minutes of new footage, including a couple of scenes of Faramir that I suspect many fans will be pleased with, plus twenty hours of commentary and such.

That page I linked to contains a preview video showcasing some of the new material (some may consider it to contain spoilers, I guess) and featuring various people associated with the movie talking about it.

Best bit of the preview for swooning slashers: Billy Boyd (Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry) in split-screen, with Boyd saying "So when we have kids—I don't mean together, of course—" At which point the preview cuts to a shot of the two of them smoking together in the movie. And Boyd goes on talking about what he would say to his kids, and we cut back to the two actors in split-screen, and Boyd concludes with "Look how beautiful I am!" and Monaghan suddenly looks up at him. . . . Someone had fun putting that together.


I'm counting the days!! It comes out during finals week, but my Tolkien class from spring semester is getting together to watch it in super-huge screen format at the Honors Program. Yay!

You know, when I watched the movies, Billy Boyd was definitely my favorite of those two, but Lost has totally sold me on the charms of Dominic Monaghan.

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