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Speaking of resting


A cold has been playfully nipping at my heels for the past week—I got a sore throat on Thanksgiving, it stuck around making sleep difficult through Sunday evening, then I've had minor coughs and sniffles on and off for the past couple days. But last night when I came home it flowered into a full-blown cold—or to continue with my initial metaphor, it stopped nipping and started taking big bites.

Today, I predict that I'll be doing a fair bit of lying down and a certain amount of napping. And some drinking of orange juice, if I can find the energy to go to the store for it. Perhaps I shall read, though I'm not sure that Light (which I'm currently in the middle of) is really the best choice of fluffy reading for the muzzyheaded. (Sadly, I finished the only unread Jennifer Crusie I had lying around a couple weeks ago.) This is often a problem for me: I'm more often in the mood for fun and cheerful works than for dark and dense works, so I consume the former first, leaving me with big stacks of the latter to get through later. This is why movies like The Deerhunter have been on my to-watch list for ten or fifteen years without ever making it to the top.

I do have Hedwig and the Angry Inch out from Netflix, plus a West Wing DVD, so maybe I'll watch some of those. (I recently bought a Keyspan Digital Media Remote, an infrared remote that connects to the USB port on my PowerBook, so I no longer have to get up and cross the room to rewind or pause or otherwise control the DVD. I like it a lot so far.) (The idea is that I don't have a standalone DVD player, so I connect my PowerBook to my TV and use the PB's DVD player, but until now that's meant I had to cross the room to use the PB's keyboard and trackpad to manipulate DVD-player controls.) Also, Kam and I just finished watching Alias season 3 (it's definitely a step down in quality from season 2, and two steps down from season 1, but still worth watching imo, and someday I still plan to write a long entry all about how great season 1 was), and though we watched a bunch of the extra material on the disc (the blooper reel was great fun), we skipped some of it, like the "Animated Alias" segment, so I might finish that off.

(Hey: I have a vague idea that someone said JJ Abrams is leaving the show for season 4, but now I can't find anything about that, and I'm thinking I may've gotten confused with Aaron Sorkin leaving West Wing, which I know is happening. Anyone know anything about whether Abrams is leaving Alias?)

And if I find myself with a lot of extra brainpower at some point, I may even continue my efforts to improve my C++ (which is part of work).

Then again, maybe I'll just focus on the lying down and the napping.


You can play DVDs through the S-video port? I must have something configured wrong.

As far as I know, Abrams is staying with Alias, though I suppose his involvement might be less now that he's running Lost.

Sorkin already left The West Wing, before the 2003-04 season. We're currently in the second Sorkinless season.

I'm pretty certain Abrams is staying on Alias; the commentary he did for the season 3 DVDs pretty much amounts to apologizing for Season 3, and promising that Season 4 is going to be a whole lot better, and will get back to basics. He's been promising that in interviews since before last season had even completed. So at least there's that to look forward to.

I'm wishing you easy orange juice and successful resting.

oh, and I know what you mean about the light vs. heavy reading. I sometimes have to force myself toward non-fiction or darker fiction, just to balance out the list a bit.

I've never seen Deerhunter (though I've read it). I'd be up for watching it sometime if you'd like company. Maybe we can have a depressing movie party... hmmmm. bad idea, and I'm too fuzzy-brained myself to figure out a way to make it more appealing.

be well soon!

make sure you watch the making-of documentary for Hedwig, because it has one of the sexiest ever pieces of film on it. It's an audition sequence -- Michael Pitt and John Cameron Mitchell do the kiss scene. The twist is that JCM isn't in drag. It is really, astonishingly good, and you can see why anyone who saw the videotape was all "ok, cast that other dude."

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