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Synchronicity over dinner


What with one thing and another, I ended up leaving my father's place this evening around quarter to eight. I was driving on dark wet cold unfamiliar streets, without having had much food since breakfast.

But I ate an Odwalla bar and made it to Seattle in about 45 minutes. I made my way to Capitol Hill, found parking, and went to the little taqueria (upstairs in the Alley) where I often go when I'm at loose ends in Seattle; I first went there during Clarion (13 years ago now!), and it's always comforting to find it still there.

I was the only customer in the place. My food arrived and I started eating, while reading the December Asimov's on my Palm. I was vaguely aware that two other people had come in and sat down nearby. Then a voice said, "Jed? Is that you?"

It was Johnzo and Victoria, having a quick dinner before heading off to see a movie. So I moved over to their table and we had a very pleasant chat. Johnzo reminded me that he had my copy of Language of the Night, which I left at the Colony House on the Oregon coast a while back and he picked up for me; I'm hoping to stop by and get that back tomorrow. We also worked out that he'd met a college friend of mine while working at Amazon. Victoria reminded me that she knew a different college friend of mine, a fact I'd completely forgotten. Teen tiny world.

Anyway, in addition to enjoying their company, I was also pleased that the long series of happenstances that had led me to be at that particular place at that particular time had such a nice unanticipated result.

Somehow I always forget that there are a bunch of cool sf folks in Seattle. Maybe next trip I'll take an extra day or two and try to make time to see them.

Here's where I would talk about visiting the impressive Museum of Glass with my father today, only I'm exhausted and need to go sleep. So, another time.


Jed, do you come to Seattle often? I'm up in Bellingham, 85 miles north, and could come down for a dinner if you gave me warning (and, of course, if you were interested ;-) .


I come to the Seattle area sporadically—I've got family in Tacoma, so I tend to come up for a weekend maybe two or three times a year, and I generally try to spend a day in Tacoma with family and a day in Seattle with college friends.

But now I'm thinking I oughtta spend at least three days up there when I can, and see if I can squeeze in seeing the sf crowd as well. Greg, Johnzo, Victoria, David M., Ted if he's interested, probably innumerable others I'm not thinking of in my half-awake state, not to mention Portlanders who might be convinced to wander up that way for a good occasion; we could do a group dinner, or demand that one of the locals have a party, or ... many possibilities.

I'm expecting to be in the SeaTac area the weekend of January 21-23 to celebrate my grandmother's 97th birthday; I'm notoriously bad at making settled plans ahead of time for this kind of thing, but it couldn't hurt to keep that weekend in mind for a possible event of some sort.

Saw today that they're taking ideas for Wiscon programming, and this seemed like as good a place as any to mention...is there still interest in the panel idea discussed in the comments of this entry?

Sure, Jed. Let us know when your plans solidify, and we'll figure something out.

And as for Wiscon programming topics, let's not forget the women and alternate history thread here.

Vancouver's not so far either, if the schedule gods are smiling it might be doable to connect in Seattle some time...

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